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Kodi Lee Accompanied by Band, AGT Season 14 Winner (7013-e)


Enjoy a pre-recorded 30 to 45-minute show of Kodi Lee accommpanied by his band.  Kodi can also give a customized short, simple introduction with client-provided script. Winner of America’s Got Talent Season 14, Kodi Lee is one of the most unique and special musicians you will ever meet. 

Kodi is a 22-year old blind and autistic musical prodigious savant, one of only approximately 25 in the world today who possess his extraordinary abilities. His amazing gift lies within his musical expression, perfect pitch, and passion for all forms of music. Kodi has an audio photographic memory, in which he can recall music he hears after just one listen. An unbelievable gift in itself, but his musical expression and prowess top even that.

Kodi has been performing all across the globe for many years. Recently he was invited to perform at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York City. His musical repertoire ranges from rock to jazz, to R & B, and pop. He literally has a library of songs in his mind that would rival any jukebox.

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