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Dance Troupe, AGT Season 12 Finalist (7014-e)


Light Balance is a Hi-Tech neon and LED dance group comprised of talented adult dancers, designers, programmers and choreographers. Melding their creative and engineering backgrounds, the group provides their audience with a unique show that unifies all of the senses. Their colorful images create a high-energy atmosphere of magic, light, dance and music.

Enjoy a 5-7 minute pre-recorded performance which can be customized with your non-profit or event logo integrated at the end of the routine.

Light Balance's performances are separate stories which are meant to make audiences believe in the impossible. Their tools are glowing costumes based on the so-called "cold neon" - special wire coated with luminescent material. Each suit is a complex multi-channel light system. Special applications make perfect synchronization of music and lighting effects to the millisecond.

Hailing from the Ukraine, Light Balance were finalists on America's Got Talent, Season 12.

Reservations are subject to availability, and must be booked a minimum of 60 days in advance.

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