Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofit Events

Charitable giving may not be mired in a “lost decade” after all. According to the new “Giving USA” report, donations will climb back to their 2007 pre-recession peak sooner than expected, happening as early as this year or, at least, by 2015.

As the economy improves, now is the time to attract new donors and get the support you need. Yet, with so many missions being promoted across every available media outlet, how can you make your nonprofit stand out?

In a 2012 online study, participants were surveyed to learn more about peer-to-peer fundraising from the participant viewpoint. What was learned? To encourage participation from their target audience, nonprofits need to make sure they have the right fundraising idea for their event, and make sure they are communicating the right message in their outreach efforts.

While the message can be delivered by low-cost channels such as e-mails, social media, online advertising, eNewsletter and mobile advertising, it is important to communicate a unique and distinct marketing message that stands out from the marketing “noise” that the target audience constantly receives through these marketing channels.

Is your Nonprofit communicating the right message to achieve your goals?

Fundraising Ideas for Next Nonprofit Event Infographic

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