How Winspire Works

Winspire gives you powerful tools to find the best priceless Experiences to sell at your next fundraising auction with no risk, and a simple redemption process for your Winning Bidders.

  • 1. Select Experiences

    Choose from over 200 Experiences to find the best fit for your charity fundraiser.

  • 2. Offer Them at Your Event

    Maximize your fundraising revenue by selling each package multiple times during your event.

  • 3. Tell Us What You Sold

    After your event, you only pay for the Experiences you made money on.

  • 4. Winners Redeem

    We take care of everything your Winning Bidder needs to redeem their Experience.

Auction Items Made Easy

Selecting Experiences for your Event

1. Select Experiences for your Event

Browse our selection of over 200 unique Experiences and see why “No Risk Auction Items” are the way to go. When you’re ready to begin, start adding items to your Suitcase and one of our knowledgeable Event Consultants will help you pick the right set of Experiences for your audience.

Browse Experiences

Offering Experiences with No Risk

2. Offer them with No Risk

Your Nonprofit only purchases the packages that are actually sold, so you can auction off Winspire Experiences at your fundraising event with no cost to your organization. Every dollar you raise above the package price goes straight to your Nonprofit. Items that are especially popular can be sold multiple times, either during or after the event.

Tell Us What You Sold

3. Tell Us What You Sold

After your event, let us know how many of each Experience you sold and we will send an invoice for the total cost of those packages. Once we receive payment from your Nonprofit, you will be able to send Booking Vouchers directly from your Suitcase to your Winning Bidders so they can redeem their Experience.

Winning Bidders Redeem

4. Winning Bidders Redeem

Once they receive their Booking Voucher, your Winning Bidders have everything they need to redeem their Experience. We take care of everything, booking the entire trip down to every last detail to ensure that your important patrons are well taken care of and raving about their Experience at your next event!