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About WInspire

We are people centered, showing genuine care and respect to our fellow team members, Nonprofits and their supporters, resellers, travel partners and the local community.

As dedicated fundraising advisors, we are continually evolving and innovating to craft Winspire Experiences with unmatched creativity, passion, and integrity, specifically tailored for the nonprofit community.

We’re not just here to help; our mission is to substantially amplify your fundraising success. With over 16 years of experience, we are committed to inspiring and making a lasting impact in all our endeavors, collaborating as a cohesive team to foster an engaging, cooperative, and dynamic environment. Trust in our expertise to guide you in elevating your fundraising strategies and achieving remarkable success for your cause.

Discover our
core values

We’ve developed a list of core values that allows us to put our best foot forward everyday. At the heart of our core values is the underlying principle of being people centered, showing genuine care and respect to our fellow team members, Nonprofits and their supporters, resellers, travel partners and the local community.


Individually and collectively we will be accountable, provide lateral service and ensure customer satisfaction from start to finish.

Stand out

Be somebody special everyday, do one memorable thing everyday… go the extra mile to enhance our customers’ experience.


We commit to providing easy to use, unique, high quality experiences that increase revenues raised by nonprofit fundraisers.


We will be truthful and act with the highest level of integrity in all that we do.


Focus on outcomes as much as the tasks.

Strive for Improvement

We encourage and appreciate constructive feedback both internally and externally. Consistent feedback is vitally important to our success.

Problem Solve

Detect challenges, communicate them and suggest solutions.


We will completely commit to our objective everyday, celebrate our accomplishments and enjoy our time doing it.


We will accomplish greater things by working together.

Efficiency & Innovation

Be as efficient as possible to allow us to better serve and provide for our customers. Be innovative to insure continuous improvement.

What We Do

Our innovative approach lets you feature exclusive travel packages in your auction without any upfront costs.

With our ‘pay-for-what-you-sell’ model, every Winspire Experience guarantees a risk-free opportunity for your organization. Select from a diverse range of options including VIP access to award shows, major sporting events, family vacations, international tours, cruises, adventure travels, golf getaways, and many more exclusive auction packages.


Raised for Nonprofits


Events Worldwide


Winning Bidders

Winspire Beginnings

Winspire was established in 2008 with the focus of assisting Nonprofits to maximize their fundraising revenue.

From the beginning, our team has been dedicated to creating and providing the Nonprofit community with the best service and most unique auction item Experiences. Winspire has helped with over 100,000 nonprofit auctions across North America to provide auction items and resources that help increase revenue in events big and small, and in the process, identify and engage new donors who are essential for the long-term growth and sustainability of your organization.

Our team at Winspire is staffed with professional Event Consultants who are tasked with providing impeccable service and valuable insight on how to increase the net revenue of your event. Alongside them, a dedicated team of travel experts is always ready to assist your Winning Bidders throughout the booking process, ensuring they make the most of their Experience. Our collective goal is not only to enhance your immediate fundraising efforts but also to help you build lasting relationships with new supporters who can contribute to your cause for years to come.

Jeff Cova | Founder of Winspire

Why Winspire

Whether it’s your first time organizing a fundraising event or you’ve just about seen it all, Winspire provides resources to help you raise more money at your next charity auction.

Priceless Experiences

We build and fulfill the largest selection of unique Experiences for use in your charity auction or raffle. Many of our Experiences are priceless and difficult to value, so bidders will pay top dollar to win them. This not only increases your fundraising dollars, but also creates the kind of “buzz” that drives up bidding on other items, leaving a good impression on your donors.

No Risk Auction

Your Nonprofit organization only purchases an Experience after the fundraising event, and only after it has been successfully sold to a Winning Bidder. An Event Consultant will work with you to determine a minimum auction price for each package, giving you control over how much you make. If you don’t reach the minimum bid during your charity auction, no transaction with Winspire takes place. This guarantees you profit on items sold and makes all our Experiences 100% No Risk.

Sell Experiences Multiple Times With No Limit

We have multiple quantities of every Experience we offer. If you have two bidders trying to out bid each other, wait for one of them to jump out, then stop the bidding and sell the Experience to both bidders. You will have two happy Winning Bidders and twice the amount of money raised!

Professional Event Consultation and Advice

Winspire is staffed with Nonprofit fundraising and event professionals who have extensive experience in event production, auction management and support services.

We know what charity auction patrons want and we know how to deliver it. Your personal Event Consultant will be able to provide you with valuable advice on how to maximize your Nonprofit fundraising revenue and run a successful event.

After Your Event, Leave Everything to Us

We offer a full-service experience agency to handle every aspect of your experience after the event. Once your winning bidder is ready to redeem their trip, they just need to follow the simple steps on their Booking Voucher. Our team of travel professionals will manage all reservations and arrangements, ensuring a seamless and meticulously planned experience, down to every last detail.

Your Success, Our Mission

Success for us means effectively empowering your nonprofit to raise more funds. Our unwavering commitment is deeply intertwined with your event’s success, diligently ensuring each Experience we offer significantly maximizes your fundraising revenue. With our shared goals, we work relentlessly to ensure your event excels. More succinctly put, your success is our success!