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How it Works

Winspire provides resources to help you raise more money at your next charity auction.


1. Choose Experiences

With hundreds of unique experiences, find experiences your donors will love and add them to your Suitcase. Our advisors are here to help understand your donors’ preferences and match packages to their tastes.

2. Offer At Your Event

Reserve your Suitcase with no upfront payment and download our resources for your event. You only pay for experiences that sell, and you can offer each package multiple times. Every dollar raised above the non-profit cost goes directly to your cause.

3. Share Your Success

After your event, let us know how many packages you sold, and give us your winning bidders’ contact details. After the non-profit cost is settled, we’ll promptly send vouchers to the winners.

4. Winner Journey Starts

Winners can start their journey once they have their vouchers. Our full-service experience agency manages every detail in the process, ensuring all supporters, especially new and long-term donors, are raving about their Experience at your next event!

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Still have questions?

Ask one of our experts, we are here to help.