Happy New Year from Winspire News! Though we’re still getting over the habit of writing 2018 on our dates, 2019 is officially in full swing.

Today on the blog, we compiled important predictions regarding charitable giving in 2019 into one handy infographic. See must-read stats on the rise of giving by email, the importance of securing scheduled gifts, and ideas to engage socially conscious Gen-Z’ers.

We hope the information is useful as you begin strategizing the upcoming year of fundraising and donor development.

Nonprofit Giving Trends 2019 - Winspire Infographic

1. Monthly Donations on the Rise

In 2018, M+R Strategic Benchmarks reported 40 percent more monthly subscription-based donations compared to 2017; the trend is expected to continue in 2019.

Why are subscription-based donations so important? Monthly donations bring significantly higher retention rates and improved cash flow.

As shown in the infographic, though monthly gifts start off smaller than one-time gifts, regular donors end up giving more over the course of a year. The financial commitment is more manageable when distributed per month. And these supporters are more likely to be passionate about your cause and want to stay connected with updates and special campaigns.

2. Donations by Email Bigger than Ever

Email has long been the most efficient and cost-effective method to reach your entire donor base.

One tip: Segmenting your subscriber list can boost revenue from donations by email over 7-fold!

Winspire twins only smallWhat is email segmentation?

Email segmentation means breaking your entire database into smaller subgroups or categories based on relevant criteria, then tailoring the message to those segments.

The idea behind donor segmentation is that donors are more likely to open and act upon your email if they are interested in its contents.

One example to split your donor database into 4 segments:

  1. New donors at or below average gift amount
  2. Returning donors at or below average gift amount
  3. New donors above average gift amount
  4. Returning donors above average gift amount

For more, read “4 Simple Donor Segments That Will Maximize Your Fundraising Efforts.”

3. Increase in Video Engagement

Have you noticed most of your Facebook feed full of video these days? There’s a reason the platform has shied away from promoting text posts and links to articles.

The combination of visual and audio content allows the average viewer to remember an estimated 95% of a message when watched versus 10% when simply read. This may explain why video messages are shared 12 times more often than text and still images.

Sharing your story by video is proving to be one of the most powerful ways to make a connection with new donors.

If you haven’t already, invest in the creation of a polished summary video (like this one from Winspire!) that “tells the story” of your nonprofit and cause.

Remember that when it comes to video, brevity is king! A video lasting 30 seconds or less will be more effective and engaging on your homepage than a video that takes its time getting to the point.

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