Photographer taking a picture of a wall


Some nonprofits find it challenging at times to represent the work they do in photos, rather than text. But photos are one of the most shared content on social media, so it’s become important for causes to adapt and show more images in order to bring about more engagement—likes, comments, sharing—on their social networks.

This week, I’ll show you 6 images your nonprofit can capture with a simple camera—no matter the cause you represent. And next week, we’ll have 6 ways you can use these photos.


More than likely, your nonprofit has held some sort of fundraising event in the past—whether it was a simple happy hour fundraiser or fancy gala. And at your fundraisers you have the most important people of your organization: your supporters.

So take pictures at your fundraising events and capture your donors in action. Take pictures of them socializing, and even get special group shots that they’d like to see. Fundraisers are full of moments for attendees—especially if they’re having fun—so have copies of that release form ready at your next fundraiser!

Other Events

Does your organization host other events too? Go beyond the fundraising event and think about your upcoming kids camp, or animal shelter event at a local pet store, or your Monday night bingo game. These events are great ways to show your nonprofit in action, even if you do them on a regular basis. Every night will be different so don’t hesitate to snap photos again and again. This is also a great way to build a library of photos you can use in your publications later!

People/Animals/Environment You Helped

I can’t think of a more moving way to capture your nonprofit than by showing your donors the beneficiaries of your work. If you help people, animals, or even if you’re working to save a piece of land, you’re putting a “face to the name” for your donors, and giving them a chance to identify with your cause….

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