Events with Benefits Podcast CoverToday we are very proud to announce the launch of the podcast Events with Benefits, Winspire’s first foray into the world of podcasting!

Together with co-hosts Renee Zau from and benefit auctioneer Danny Hooper, each week we aim to bring nonprofit staff, volunteers, event planners, PTOs and more a wide variety of cutting-edge insights into the world of event fundraising. The first 3 episodes are available free on iTunes and

Check out the sample topics and special guests we have on deck for the first 10 episodes…

  • Fundraising Auctions with Jim Nye the Auction Guy, professional fundraising auctioneer
  • Golf Tournaments with Holly Kennedy, CEO and co-founder of Kennedy Golf Tournament
  • Legal Considerations with Mary Tovella Dowling, attorney at For Purpose Law Group
  • Partnerships with Parker Pike, member of Board of Directors of San Diego Nonprofit Association
  • Perseverance with Lynda West, nonprofit coach and mentor
  • Thinking BIG with Noah McMahon, founder and CEO of Anonymous
  • Auction Timeline Tips with Scott Robertson, professional fundraising auctioneer
  • Mobile Bidding with Debby Roth-Bush, Relationship Marketing Manager at GreaterGiving
  • Donor Development with Carlos Leija, Chief Development Officer at Orangewood Children’s Foundation
  • Are Charity Auctions Dying? with Nelson Jay, professional fundraising auctioneer

Each episode is 30 to 40 minutes long, making it the perfect way to brighten your daily commute, pass a lunch hour and gain a treasure trove of new ideas for your next event.

To learn more, listen to the first few episodes and subscribe, click below:


For more on how to listen to a podcast, the complete list of our first 10 special guests and topics, and…what exactly is a podcast?…read on.

What is a “podcast”?

A podcast is simply an audio file published on the Internet. There are countless podcasts spanning hundreds of categories from business to entertainment to true crime (ever heard of NPR’s runaway hit Serial?) and more. In our case, Events with Benefits is all about nonprofits and fundraising.

Podcasts are typically distributed in episodes, or as a series released regularly to the public. To listen, podcasts can be streamed online, downloaded directly or subscribed (more on this below).

While many podcasts can be streamed online or downloaded directly as MP3 files, subscribing to a podcast is most convenient. Like a magazine arriving in the mail monthly, new episodes of your subscriptions are automatically downloaded to your computer or mobile device. And unlike radio, you can play a podcast over and over, rewind and fast forward, transfer to other devices and more.

How do I listen to Events with Benefits?

You have three options to listen anytime: Subscribe, stream and download. Here’s how:

Option 1: Subscribe to the podcast (recommended)

From iPhone: First, open the pre-installed Podcast app.

Podcast app phone.pngiTunes Podcast logo

Next, hit Search in the bottom right hand corner of the app [1]. Type in “Events with Benefits” [2], then click on the Events with Benefits cover art under “Podcasts” [3].

Search for podcast by name

Finally, click the “Subscribe” button on the right (plus check out our glowing reviews!).

Subscribe to podcastPodcast reviews.png

From desktop: If you have iTunes, head to the iTunes Store [1]. Select Podcasts from the dropdown menu [2]. Search “Events with Benefits” and click on the cover logo under the “Podcasts” section.

itunes screencap.png

(Alternatively, visit the Events with Benefits iTunes page directly here, then click “View in iTunes”).

Once you’re in iTunes, hit “Subscribe” [3].

Expert Tip: Sync podcast progress between iTunes and your phone

If you go back and forth between listening to podcasts on your computer and your iPhone, it’s possible to sync your progress on the two devices. To do:

Step 1: On the phone, open Settings, then click on Podcasts. Turn on “Sync Podcasts”.

Podcast setting sync phone.pngPodcast setting sync itunes.png

Step 2: In iTunes on your desktop, go to Preferences and select “Store” from the menu. Check off “Sync playback information across devices” and “Sync podcast subscriptions and settings,” then click OK.

sync podcast itunes setting.png

From Android phone: Events with Benefits is available on all devices. Android offers many different options for free podcast apps. One top-rated option: Podcast Addict.

Search “Events with Benefits”, then hit Subscribe.

By RSS feed: You’ll find the RSS symbol from the homepage or by visiting directly.

Subscribe rss.png

Option 2: Stream from the website.

Each episode has a landing page with episodes embedded directly for listening.

stream podcast.png

This is a good option to get a feel for the podcast and if you remain at your browser while listening. If you’re on the go and/or don’t want to miss future episodes, subscribe as instructed above.

Option 3: Download MP3 files onto your device or laptop directly.

From the podcast website or page on your mobile device, click on the download link at the end of the episode description (what we refer to in the podcast as “show notes”).

podcast download mp3.png

This allows you to save the file directly to your computer or any device, including Android, and listen anytime.

What are the first few episodes about?

Jim Nye.png

Episode 1 features Jim Nye “The Auction Guy,” a professional benefit auctioneer specialist who works with 50+ events each year. In a lively inaugural podcast, Jim gives expert recommendations for auction timelines, selling consignment packages, the top 10 critical items he brings to events (that volunteer auctioneers often forget!) and more concrete tips for your next event.

Holly Kennedy Golf.pngEpisode 2 is a must listen for anyone planning a golf tournament. Holly Kennedy, PGA Pro and co-founder of Kennedy Golf Tournament and Event Planning in San Diego, Calif., shares how you can capitalize on the upward trend of charity golf tournaments. She covers…

  • how to get players, donations and sponsorships
  • how to combine a golf tournament with a raffle, auction and/or paddle raise (Did you know almost all golf tournaments include a live and silent auction?)
  • unique, entertaining mini-contests to play at the tournament
  • tips to run a lower-cost golf tournament
  • and more – plus your invitation to play a free round of golf!

gavel stack of bills.jpg

Episode 3, “Legal Considerations,” features special guest Mary Tovella Dowling, attorney at For Purpose Law Group in San Diego, Calif. In a litigious world, Mary offers invaluable, money-saving insight on the potential legal pitfalls that can affect your fundraising event. Learn preventive measures every nonprofit should take before getting into (very expensive) hot water, including…

  • How to be compliant with local, state and federal laws
  • The importance of being well insured – and having a policy that covers volunteers
  • The ramifications of running an unregistered raffle
  • Tips to serve alcohol responsibly at an event
  • Contracts you need to protect yourself (with sponsors, the venue, etc)
* * * * *

Give the podcast episodes a listen, then subscribe and rate us on iTunes! Let other blog readers know what you think – plus leave ideas or referrals for future podcast episodes – in the comments below.

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