Napa Valley - California's Finest Grapes

“What are the most popular items that are used in fundraising auctions?”

We have worked with thousands of Non-Profits in all 50 states & Canada and we are often asked this question. The answer can be a little tricky because it depends on several factors, such as the type of event, the demographic of the auction audience, or what items have already been donated and are being auctioned off.

Wine Glass

That being said, one destination in particular consistently tops all the others: a trip to the Northern California Wine Country. So far this year, Non-Profit organizations we work with have sold a total of 678 packages in their live and silent auctions with visits to the California Wine Country. Two of our top three best sellers for the year are trips to Napa and Sonoma.

Its no wonder these packages have become so popular. The California Wine Country provides the perfect setting for a romantic getaway for two. With 4 and 5-star resorts & spas, private wine tastings & education classes, wine tour limousine services, exclusive olive oil tours & samplings as well as a wine train journey through the countryside to the historic Mt. St. Helens, it exists as a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many potential bidders. In many cases, we’ve seen and heard how bidding tends to go crazy when unique food or wine experiences are involved.

Wine Tasting in Northern California Wine Country

As such, it’s our experience that you can’t go wrong with the Wine Country. You can learn more about our Cult Winemakers VIP Access, you can visit our website.

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