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Have you ever considered what it would be like to travel through space? The wonder of space captures the curiosity of many, which makes Experiences like the Kennedy Space Center Astronaut Adventure a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Among the many activities included in the package – such as having lunch with an astronaut  – one that stands out many to visitors is the chance to view NASA’s Space Shuttle Atlantis up close and personal in the new Kennedy Space Center interactive exhibit

The Space Shuttle Atlantis played an important role in NASA’s 30-year Space Shuttle Program, which began in 1981 and ended in 2011 when Atlantis launched for the program’s final flight. Throughout the 30-year period, Atlantis spent a great deal of time in space travelling 126 million miles during a total of 33 missions.

Now that the Space Shuttle Program is complete, eager viewers have the opportunity to witness Atlantis in the very place where the orbiters launched for each mission: the Kennedy Space Center. The new 90,000 square-foot exhibition opened in the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in June 2013 and has been strategically set up to enhance the experience for guests. With more than 60 interactive exhibits and simulators, as well as multimedia presentations, the Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit sheds light on the important achievements made by the Space Shuttle Program.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor ComplexTo prepare guests for the dramatic reveal of Atlantis, the exhibit starts off with a short film and numerous space activities. The film only increases anticipation and heightens the experience. It is so awesome some visitors even get emotional upon seeing Atlantis for the first time.

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex displays Atlantis 26 feet off the ground as if it were in orbit, which is unique – no other museum has presented a retired space shuttle in such a dramatic fashion. Displayed at a 43-degree angle with its payload bay doors open, Atlantis is the only space shuttle exhibit that allows visitors to get a good look inside the vehicle. The sight is breathtaking and guests often leave the exhibit feeling inspired. 

The Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit is not designed only to share the vehicle’s history and importance. The exhibit is also meant to inspire future astronauts and scientists, giving visitors a glimpse into the future and forecasting what lies ahead for space exploration. Whether guests leave with a desire to become an astronaut or not, they’re sure to at least have had an unforgettable experience.  

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