Why Choose Winspire

Best Selection of Unique Experiences
Winspire offers the largest selection of unique trips and experiences.  Many of these items are  one-of-a-kind opportunities available only through Winspire.

Complimentary Travel Booking 
All packages include a simple and convenient complimentary travel booking service.  Winning bidders need only to make one call and our travel professionals will take it from there, handling reservations as well as every last detail. Additional travel services are available to winning bidders.

With over 10 years of delivering no risk travel, sporting and entertainment experiences to non-profits, we know what auction patrons want and we know how to deliver it.  We are proud to have fulfilled Winspire travel experiences to more than 30,000 satisfied travelers.

Professional Fundraising and Event Advice
Winspire is staffed with fundraising and event professionals who have extensive experience in event production, auction management and support services.  As part of our service, we provide valuable advice on how to maximize your auction revenue and run a successful event.

Trusted Source and Trusted Partners
Winspire partners with the most highly respected event planning and fundraising industry experts. Through these trusted partners, we can recommend a wide range of valuable resources for any non-profit fundraising event. Winspire is honored to be supported by these same 100+ partners as the “go-to” source for high quality, no risk auction experiences.

Customer Service
You are the most important part of Winspire’s business and we show that in how we treat you.

Giving Back
Winspire walks the walk, with a deep appreciation for and understanding of the importance of giving back to the non-profit community.  Giving back is an integral part of the culture at Winspire.  In 2011, the Winspire team volunteered more than 700 hours and raised over $75,000 for the non-profit community.

Full Disclosure
In order to allow non-profits and bidders the opportunity to make fully informed decisions, Winspire provides all known details of each experience we offer.  To manage expectations, the terms and conditions of each package are explained up front.  Blackout dates or restrictions, if any, are fully disclosed.  As a matter of company policy, our package pricing and terms of business are available to the public upon request.

Our business is built on referrals and we are happy to provide you with references from other non-profits in your area. We rely on customer feedback, surveying our customers and travelers and using this feedback to continuously improve our products and services.  We are registered as a commercial fundraiser with the Attorney General and as a seller of travel.

Dedicated to your Success
Your success is our success. Together we can make a difference.