Creative Ways to Thank your donors after a fundraising event

Once your fundraiser is over, it can be tempting to bask in the excitement and, frankly, relief that your major event went well. However, even if you met your donations goals for the event, the time right after the event is critical.

This time is a chance for you and your staff to reach out to donors and make it clear just how much you appreciate them. 

Here are some ways you can make sure your gratitude is clear to your donors. 

1. Keep track of the personal conversations and highlight them in your thank-you note

Whether you have a staff or a team of dedicated volunteers, mention to them before the big event that you’ll want any details they get in conversations with donors. This doesn’t mean spending the conversations deliberately trying to get personal details; natural conversations yield details about a person’s life that can be important! When these conversations happen, note the topic and make a plan to have that person write a thank you note afterwards.

Don’t incorporate these details into a new donation request, unless the donors already expect an upcoming campaign letter. If so, you can drop a personalized, handwritten note onto their donation letter, reminding them that they have a personal connection to the cause. However, perhaps the greatest impact is achieved when you send a quick note checking on their daughter’s surgery or congratulating them on their home purchase that has no request at all. Donors and non-profits are in long-term relationships, so every interaction doesn’t have to be about money.

2. Spring for the personalized, handwritten notes

Thank You Handwritten NotesHandwriting notes is a bit of a lost art in a lot of areas, but being personal goes a long way when it comes to thanking someone.

You can print up personalized photo cards with a photo related to your cause or a particularly good photo from your event. Or just use plain card stock to make it simple but meaningful!

Take the time to handwrite each card (you can enlist volunteer support, but write the card yourself if you are signing your name to it) and make each one unique and personal.  


3. Create a highlights video from your event and share it with your gratitude

With the rise of social media has come a new way to remind your donors of how much fun the event was and how much you appreciate them and rely on them.

Videos, in particular, can combine text, audio, and visuals to create an emotional connection.

Nonprofit Team4Tech did a great job at thanking donors right after their 5th Anniversary Gala in the video above. An awesome way to show your supporters the impact they made at your event!

4. Send impact reports on the money raised from the event

Many donors are deeply practical people: they want to know that their money is having a big impact on the world.

One of the best ways to frame your gratitude is to say, “we are so grateful that you helped us have these amazing results.” If you created a campaign to launch a new program, send out a thank you a few months later with the results.

Pro Tip: Build a free infographic using Canva to visually show the impact your donors made!

How your Donations Helped Cats & Dogs

Focus on methods of saying thank-you that feel authentic and personal; even if you have dozens of people to thank, you’ll be surprised by how valuable the time spent appreciating them will be.

Gratitude can unlock doors, both in the hearts of your donors and in your own mind! ❤️


Please share with us how you like to thank your supporters in the comment section below. Happy Fundraising!