Procuring Buzzworthy Auction Travel Packages

Winspire and Greater Giving are collaborating on an exciting free webinar for anyone involved with organizing charity fundraising events.


Procuring Buzzworthy Auction Travel Packages Webinar

Join us on February 11 as Tracey Lorts, Community Marketing Manager at Greater Giving, and Ian Lauth, Creative Director at Winspire, discuss how to best utilize unique travel in nonprofit fundraising events based on the experiences of over 20,000 successful charity auctions!

Thursday, February 11th 11am – 12pm PDT



Use Unique Auction Travel Packages to Generate More Auction RevenueMost charity fundraisers are not complete without a dazzling live and silent auction to delight donors and maximize event revenue – and travel happens to be the #1 best-selling auction item in the country. However, those who have worked to procure unique travel for their auction know how difficult and time-intensive it can be to package and procure enough quality items.

This is where no-risk travel packages come into play. These packages have become a popular fundraising tool, allowing fundraisers the ability to place unique and exclusive vacation packages in their auction, while guaranteeing a return on investment.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • 3 reasons travel performs well in auctions
  • 5 key strategies to consider when using no-risk travel
  • A case study of one nonprofit that used no-risk travel in their recent auction

By making the most of no-risk travel, you and your organization can save time, identify major donors, and raise significantly more money at your next auction.




WEBINAR: Procuring Buzzworthy Travel Packages,  Thursday, February 11th from 11am – 12pm PDT

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