For months, coverage of the presidential election has consumed newspapers, tabloids, Facebook feeds and cable news. With another milestone primary coming up on June 7, the November election is at the forefront of everyone’s minds…including your donors.

You might be wondering if charitable support is affected during an election year. After all, politicians run donor giving campaigns just like nonprofits, and candidates are skilled at securing a wide range of contributions from invested citizens across the nation.

Could campaign giving cannibalize your donations?

Click below to see how nonprofit giving does change in an election year—and how to turn that change into a positive for your cause.


This election year is the perfect time to engage politically-minded donors. One smart way is to gather information on candidates’ proposed policies that affect your funding and mission, then share with your supporters.

Even better: Invite donors to take a stand during election season by “voting with their dollars.” Consider hosting an election season giving campaign, starting a petition related to your cause, or contacting local politicians to inform their understanding of the issues you handle on a daily basis.

Nonprofits are important advocates for the community and invaluable sources of knowledge for public servants. Help your organization and supporters work with lawmakers toward effective, practical solutions.