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Here at Winspire we pride ourselves on the professional level of service and consultation we provide to Nonprofits and their nonprofit auction items  from across the United States and Canada. The feedback we get from our customers is a testament to this level of service, and we’re thrilled to be able to share it.


Indian River Tuscarora Township

Thank you so very much Winspire and Suzanne Garcia!

The inclusion of these travel package options brought people to our event that otherwise might not have attended. All 3 travel packages sold and generated a significant amount to our fundraising effort. I was so pleased to work with Suzanne in every step of the process. She kept in touch, made wonderful suggestions and demonstrated a real keen sense of what I was going through in the entire auction event process.

Winspire Event Consultant
Winspire Event Consultant Suzanne Garcia

As a volunteer in this endeavor, that informed understanding was invaluable. Our auctioneer, Scott MacKenzie, referred me to Winspire and Suzanne with such confidence of probable satisfaction. He was very correct! Our entire evening was a success. We met and exceeded both our evening goal and the remaining balance needed for our entire project.

Please take as good of care of our winning bidders as you did me, I am confident you will. Thank You Winspire and Suzanne.

Dennis M. Burwell
Veterans Pier Project Committee

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