Silent Auction Starters

Incredible travel packages designed for silent auctions

We are excited to introduce a new category of Winspire Experiences built specifically for the silent auction tables. This new collection of exciting travel packages was designed to save you time and raise more money by delivering turn-key silent auction items that appeal to a wider audience of potential bidders.


Strategic Price PointStrategic Price Point

With Nonprofit prices ranging from $1,000 – $2,800 and a diverse selection of enticing travel packages to choose from, this catalog is for event fundraisers who want to target new donor groups and add variety to their silent auctions. These packages are designed to attract people who might not typically consider buying trips at charity events because they feel like they’re “out of their league”. Now they may be pleasantly surprised to find these new offerings that fit in their budget!

You’ve heard us talk about the untapped potential of people’s existing travel budgets. Just as people may budget for their philanthropic donations, they do the same for what they plan to spend on travel and vacations each year. Why not tap into both of these?

According to American Express, 53% of Americans save money each year specifically for travel. We wondered if that percentage was any higher if you looked at the audience of your typical charity auction gala. We surveyed over 1,000 winning bidders and found that 69% of charity event patrons budget at least $5,000 each year for vacation travel. That’s money that is “left on the table” instead of going towards your cause.

We designed these silent auction travel packages to help you target this untapped donor budget and turn it into a new revenue stream for your Nonprofit. Our new catalog of silent auction items offers you a wide variety of exciting experiences at price points that will entice a larger portion of the audience at you next event.

Strategic Price PointSave Time, Money & Resources

Silent auctions containing hundreds of items can be an absolute circus to manage, so we created Silent Auction Staters to save you time. Every silent auction item comes with a printable 8.5″x11″ display and pre-filled bid sheet which can be ready for your silent auction table in minutes.

Simply reserve one or more Silent Auction Starter packages in mySuitcase, download the display materials and print them on a color printer. Voila! You have a silent auction item that can raise hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

This allows you to devote more time and energy to finding underwriters, securing other auction items and selling tickets to you event. After your event, our Winspire Booking & Concierge Service arranges the trip for your winning bidders so you can move on to planning your next fundraiser.

Strategic Price PointNo-Risk to Your Nonprofit

Just as with all Winspire Experiences, the Silent Auction Starters are offered on a No-Risk basis, meaning there is no sign-up fee, no usage fee and you only purchase a package if it sells at your event. If no one bids or you don’t reach the reserve then no transaction takes place, and there is nothing to pack up and return.

What’s the best way to utilize this catalog?

The Silent Auction Starter catalog should be utilized when it makes sense for your fundraising strategy. When considering what level of packages to offer, consider this:

  • What is the potential Nonprofit Revenue that could be made from this package?
  • Will this package perform well in an online, mobile or physical silent auction setting?
  • What is the spending potential of my audience relative to their potential travel budget?
  • Is it important to offer a package that can identify a potential repeat donor?
  • Can this complement the other levels and categories of travel packages I will offer at my event?

Winspire’s dedicated Event Consultants are available to help you answer these questions and determine the best strategy for your event based on nearly 10 years of experience working with over 28,000 successful events. For a free consultation to learn more about including these silent auction items in your next fundraising event, click here.



Buy-it-Now Strategy

Every silent auction travel package comes with a printable 8.5″x11″ display and pre-filled bid sheet ready for the auction tables. Each bid sheet includes a suggested Buy-it-Now price set at 20% above the Nonprofit Price, which you can modify, and space for up to six guests to purchase the package.

→ Click Here to view a sample package with display PDF and pre-filled bid sheet.

Offering travel packages with an established Buy-it-Now price enables you to make more money per package then you would with a traditional highest bid approach. Instead of pressuring bidders to compete over a single auction item with only one winner, you can encourage multiple guests to buy the same travel package.

The ability to sell them to more than one bidder is one of the biggest advantages of using consignment travel. This simple strategy, when utilized correctly, can quickly amplify the amount your organization makes on a single auction item.

Let’s look at an Example

Selling_MultiplesIf you reserve the new Silent Auction Starter package “Wine Your Way to San Francisco” with a Nonprofit Price of $2,400, and offer it at your event using the suggested Buy-it-Now of $2,880, you can raise $480 for every package that you sell.

That means if you sell 4 packages, you would net almost $2,000 on a single auction item that takes a few minutes to add to your auction tables and zero time to fulfill on the bac kend after your event.

Can I change the Buy-it-Now price?

Yes. The bid sheets are designed so you can modify the Buy-it-Now price depending on the spending potential of your audience. You don’t have to use the provided bid sheet, either. If you want to position one or more Silent Auction Starters using the highest bid approach, simply establish your own reserve (over the package cost, of course) and offer the package using your own bid sheets.

If you do use your own bid sheets, make sure to include all the information from the Package Details at the bottom of the bid sheet templates.

Why 20% over the Nonprofit Price?

This is a great starting point in case you’re not sure how much spending power is going to be in the room. We found that 20% is the best balance between your return and the perceived value and of a package. It’s important to remember, however, that in the excitement of a charity auction, items often go for much more than their face value.

By finding out what trips your attendees are interested in before the auction, you can drum up some interest and build excitement for the event. Then tailor the silent auction travel packages you offer to match their interests and you can end up selling well above above the Nonprofit Price.



Reserving Them is Easy

Offering travel packages in your silent auction is just a few clicks away.

  1. Visit the Silent Auction Starters landing page here.
  2. Click on your favorite Experiences to view the package details.
  3. Review the package details and pick the versions best suited for your audience.
  4. Add to mySuitcase and then reserve for your event.
  5. Download and print the display materials, put these on the auction table and let the bidding begin!