Nonprofit Designers At Work

By Beth Kanter in her blog

In 2013,  social media will continue the trend of “going visual.”    More and more nonprofits are adding data visualization to compelling story telling to create amazing infographics as part their marketing tool kits.  For a quick primer on infographics, see “Five Infographics To Master Infographics in Five Minutes.”

If you have decided that your nonprofit going to go visual in 2013, figure out your goal. Infographics can be used in different and creative ways and some obvious ones such as marketing messaging, educating about a social issue, to celebrate a successful campaign, to report to stakeholders on key performance metrics, an  annual report, and even a marriage proposal!

Need some more  ideas? Check out my pinterest board “Nonprofit Infographics.”   Before you hire a designer, work with your in-house design or do it yourself, it is a good idea to identify the goal, audience, data, and key message that you to communicate. Your graphic designer will certainly help you refine this initial idea.

Some nonprofits  make use of their in-house designers to create beautiful and eye-catching infographics. One example is Best Friends Animal Society as profile by John Haydon on his blog in “Nonprofit Storytelling with Infographics” which offers some simple tips for getting the most out of your infographic. Others are working with graphic designers to commission infographics as part of campaigns. For example,  last year, when the Humane Society reached 1 million fans on Facebook, they created an infographic as part of the marketing campaign…READ MORE >