Throughout the year, Winspire provides resources to help you and your Nonprofit with maximize your event fundraising revenue through live and silent auctions, raffles and our no-risk travel packages. As we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving this Thursday, we thought we’d take a stab at talking turkey and share some information graphics (a.k.a “infographics”) that may be of interest to you.

Below we threw together six of our favorites from around the web. Definitely check out the “How to Fold A Napkin Turkey” section and use it to impress your guests or maybe the in-laws this year.

We hope you enjoy, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

– Your Winspire Team

First, a little Thanksgiving history…

This infographic offers a few fun and silly facts about Thanksgiving and the history behind it. These are great to keep in your back pocket and use during Thanksgiving dinner to impress the new in-laws. 


Thanksgiving Traditional History

While silly thanksgiving statistics are fun, it’s always good to take a deeper look into where one the most popular US holidays came from. In this infographic, we explore the historical timeline of Thanksgiving starting in 17th century America. 


Hosting Thanksgiving: The How-To

The big day is tomorrow! So you have about 24 hours to get it together if you haven’t already started. Hopefully you’ve been planning all week long, but if not, it’s time to put it in overdrive (or cut a few corners, like ordering the feast from your grocery store). If nothing else, check out the folding of the napkin tip that will help you impress your guests this Thursday!

1afa9994cad33333d49f82b670b6334f.jpgThanksgiving Food & Social Media Facts

Social media is great because of all the really useful information it provides us, such as how much people talk about certain Thanksgiving food. Following is an infographic that offers up some of the tastiest facts about Turkey day on Social Media. 


Thanksgiving Travel

Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go…unfortunately, it’s not as easy as that. With so many people all trying to go spend time with friends and family, traveling during the holidays can quickly turn into a headache. Here are some statistics on travel during the Thanksgiving holiday.


Thanksgiving Turkeys

It wouldn’t be called “Turkey Day” without the help of the main course! That said, turkeys today are very different from history’s original Thanksgiving bird. This infographic looks at how much the supermarket turkey of today differs from its’ wild North American cousine.