Americans and Canadians are some of the largest spenders on international travel, with residents of both nations ranked in the top six worldwide in terms of average annual expenditures on international travel.

Travelers from both countries most commonly make the easy intracontinental trips, with the U.S., Canada, and Mexico all registering as top travel destinations.  In addition, millions of travelers every year from both of these countries make overseas journeys to the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and even Cuba!

When Americans and Canadians choose to stay closer to home and travel domestically, the most popular destinations are primarily the higher populated cities and warm-weather climates.  For the most part, when Americans and Canadians cross the border, their travel patterns mirror those of the domestic travelers in that nation. Interestingly, the main difference between the travel preferences of the two nations is that Canadians also frequently travel to some of the more remote U.S. states, such as Maine, Vermont, and Montana.

In the following infographic, we explore these unique travel trends which exist between our two neighboring countries…