We are always receiving great feedback from the thousands of winning bidders we send on unique Experiences each year. Sometimes we get some good stories that we just can’t help but share.

Following is a testimonial from a winning bidders Gretchen and David who won the Private Historian’s Tour of the U.S. Capitol in an online auction last December.

Letter from a Winning Bidder


Dear Winspire,

I am happy to tell you that we are still in DC for 3 more days (we extended our trip to 10 days) and we are loving it.

We had an amazing tour with Steve L., who is smart, friendly and incredibly enthusiastic about the history of the Capitol and the nation. We visited our Senator’s office, and then I got to see all my political idols on the Senate floor. Steve has a broad, reassuring perspective of history that allowed my husband and I to appreciate how unique our nation is.

The Fairmont was an elegant experience. The hotel is fantastic. We are at the Holiday Inn Central/Whitehouse now, which is still wonderful – just less expensive.

I mention Winspire to everyone I meet and think that your organization does a super job. Hope to get to deal with you again someday.

Thanks for a memorable experience!

– Gretchen & David V.
Idaho Democratic Party

We then got this response from the tour guide, a satisfied vendor and trusted partner of Winspire.


I was having so much fun and my other tour was canceled, so I spent 11am – 5:30pm with them. We had had dinner Monday evening even though the tour was snowed out.

Wednesday, when we did the tour, they took me to lunch at the Monocle Restaurant (which is the in-crowd restaurant on Senate property) in the middle of the tour.

This is why I love my job!

– Steve L.
Tour Guide


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