Winspire Hotel Giveback

Today, we are excited to introduce the Winspire Hotel Giveback: an opportunity for you and your donors to travel to some of the most in-demand destinations worldwide, all while supporting your organization.

For a limited time, donors can book discounted luxury hotels through Winspire at Each booking costs significantly less than advertised prices on Expedia or Hotwire. Best of all, 30% of every booking goes to the charity of the traveler’s choice.

If you have donors, board members, staff and more who like or plan to travel – this is a no-hassle way to capture extra funds.

Winspire Hotel Giveback


Since 2008, Winspire has helped nonprofits raise over $48 million by providing and fulfilling unique no-risk travel packages for fundraising auctions, raffles and more.

Our goal is to raise as much money as possible for nonprofits, while providing great value to your donors.

To that end, we are excited to launch this year’s Winspire Hotel Giveback, a unique fundraising opportunity that’s an easy win-win. Here’s how it works.

Step 1. Share the Giveback link

Anyone can purchase incredible boutique hotel and resort stays, all at a discount and supporting charity.

Send your donors to view all properties and details here:

Giveback nights are valid from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019 and subject to availability.


Step 2. Check availability

Once the traveler has found a desired property within the eligible dates, submit a contact form on the website or give our booking agents a call.

We will first check to make sure the property is available during those dates. Then, we’ll confirm the traveler’s interest before payment.

Step 3. Remind the traveler to mention your nonprofit.

During booking, we’ll ask if there is a nonprofit the traveler would like to support with their purchase. Remind your donors to mention your cause by name. If you are supporting a specific chapter or branch, be sure to specify which one.

Step 4. Receive a check in the mail.

Once the transaction is complete, we’ll send a check in the mail for 30% of each booking. (If you have more than one person supporting your charity through the program, we will combine the amounts in one check at the end of each month.)

Last year, we sent out checks to over 50 nonprofits worth more than $20,000.

With a longer period of eligibility and brand-new properties added to the program, we plan to raise much more in 2018 and 2019!

Never worked with Winspire?

If you plan to participate in the Winspire Giveback but have never worked with Winspire, no problem. Click here or below to provide your best mailing address.


Sample properties

Here are just a few of the outstanding properties people are booking in support of their favorite causes:

Cap Maison Resort & Spa

Cap Maison Resort & Spa


Gros Islet, Saint Lucia

Retail rate: $471/nightOur rate: $317/night

The Guest House at Graceland

The Guest House at Graceland


Memphis, TN

Retail rate: $233/nightOur rate: $156/night

La Tremoille

La Tremoille


Paris, France

Retail rate: $439/nightOur rate: $294/night

Hyde Resort & Residences

Hyde Resort & Residences


Hollywood, FL

Retail rate: $398/nightOur rate: $265/night

With limited nights on sale at highly discounted rates, we expect them to sell quickly—and when they’re gone, they’re gone. But as a blog subscriber, your organization is among the first to access the sale.

Email Template for Supporters

Here’s a handy email template to customize and send to your whole donor base.


From: Your Name
Subject: Buy Hotel Stays and Support [Nonprofit Name]

Dear [Donor],

Are you planning to travel in 2018-2019? If so, I wanted to share a unique chance to stay in luxury hotels worldwide while supporting our cause.

For a limited time, travel provider Winspire is offering deep discounts (significantly lower than what you’ll find on Expedia or Hotwire) to 80+ luxury hotels in the world’s most popular travel destinations.

Best of all, when you mention [Nonprofit Name] while booking, we receive 30% of the final booking cost!

Check out the selection here:

Stays must be taken between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019. If you’re planning or open to a trip during this time period, check it out!

Thanks very much for your continued support of [Your Nonprofit].

If you have any questions about redeeming this offer, please contact Winspire directly at (877) 544-8576.

Happy Travels,

[Your Name]

Sample Social Media Posts

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Then spice up your Facebook post and Tweets with more text about your cause, a quick explanation of the program, images and more. Some examples:

Twitter Post

Social Post

Text you can copy, paste and customize:

“Calling all globetrotters! For a limited time, travel provider Winspire is offering deep discounts to 80+ gorgeous luxury hotels worldwide. Mention [Nonprofit Name] while booking and 30% goes directly to our organization.

See all properties here:

Availability is extremely limited, so check out the selection today! Please note, travel must be completed between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019.”


Wishing you the best of luck as you raise money for your cause. And we hope some of you are able to get away and take advantage of these great deals yourselves.


If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below!