Building a solid auction item procurement committee isn’t just a matter of selecting the first people who volunteer. The individuals who make up your procurement team can have a huge impact on the items you secure for the big event, which in turn will impact how much money your event raises.

Don’t be afraid to be selective. An auction committee with too many people can quickly become unmanageable. While it’s important to give all interested parties a chance to help your cause, not everyone is cut out for auction item procurement. Make sure you have a list of other jobs you can assign eager volunteers who want to contribute.

Following are the five things to look for in an effective procurement committee member.

1. Available

Even with the best intentions, people can get sidetracked if they are dealing with a busy schedule. Let potential team members know upfront the amount of time and dedication that is required. Although you can never be sure whether members will stay true to their word, you can at least get a better idea of how much free time they have, and whether or not they will actually be available to help.

5 Tips for Building an Effective Auction Item Procurement Committee

2. Well-connected

Positive relationships are the key to fundraising success. The better connected your team members are, the better chance you have at securing successful charity auction items. Try recruiting individuals who are influential in the community or just well connected.

3. Exhibits Leadership

Committee members shouldn’t be afraid to take charge and share their ideas with the rest of the team. While you will have one or two people leading the team, you still want everyone willing to participate. For more, see “


4. Works Well in Teams

It is essential for committee members to work well together. Collaborating as a team on procuring auction items will boost the efficacy of the entire group, especially when the focus is on larger, big-ticket items.

5. Has Experience with your Organization

People who have experience working with your Nonprofit in the past will have a better idea of your needs. If they are newcomers, make sure they are willing to learn as much as possible. When members are asking for donations, they will need to be able to answer questions about your organization and mission.

With these qualities in mind, you can assemble an effective procurement team to brainstorm ideas and go out to secure exciting auction items.

Auction Item Procurement Starter Kit Auction Item Procurement
Starter Kit

A free resource with helpful templates to get the auction item procurement process off the ground.

We’ve created two general templates for the Procurement Letter and Donation Form to get you started. The Start Kit includes:

  • Donation Form TEMPLATE (.docx)
  • Procurement Letter TEMPLATE (.docx)
  • Procurement Letter Example (PDF)