Nonprofits have a lot to accomplish. As a Nonprofit, you have to raise awareness, inspire people to be passionate about your mission, keep donors contributing and raise enough money to make a difference.

This is no small feat. How do you form a strategy to accomplish all of these goals? One of the best ways to get the ball rolling is to host a fundraising event. 

“But aren’t fundraising events just for raising money?” you ask.

While they may be one of the most effective ways to raise money for your organization, that’s not all they are good for. Holding a large nonprofit auction items event on behalf of your Nonprofit can help in a number of ways…

Get recognized

As a Nonprofit, you need to get the word out, informing people about your mission and what you’re trying to achieve. Your monthly email newsletter – which is still a great way to communicate with your supporters – will only go so far.

Invite your supporters out for a large event so you can connect with them face-to-face. Welcome them to experience the passion you and your staff share towards your cause in person, which will go much farther to inspire this passion in others.

Share personal stories of trial and tribulation as it relates to your cause, as well as success in the face of adversity. You will connect with your donors on a deeper level and instill the desire to help.

Make donors feel valued

Donors like to feel appreciated, especially those who are making large contributions to your Nonprofit.

A live event is a great opportunity to give your bigger donors the “VIP” treatment. You can offer them exclusive access to something at your event (like a VIP reception), provide special seating or recognize them during the event.

Positive donor relationships are crucial for developing a solid donor base. Recognizing donors will make them feel more valued and they’ll be more likely to keep contributing in the future.

Establish good public relations

Supporters who attend your event will have the opportunity to learn more about your Nonprofit and its cause. Those who don’t attend, however, can be reached through public relations efforts.

Before your event, contact newspapers and the local media to offer free invitations. In your pitch, keep it short and sweet, summarizing why the public should care and how it ties to the local community.

You might also consider mentioning someone who has directly benefited from your organization’s mission who would be willing to do an interview. You can also introduce a Nonprofit employee to serve as an expert for future media reports.

Large fundraising events are important – and not just for raising money. Speak to one of our professional Event Consultants to start planning your next big event today!


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Ian Lauth has been working to help Nonprofits maximize their fundraising revenue since early 2012 when he was hired by Winspire to develop external communications, brand expansion and product delivery processes. You can also find Ian on Google+.

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