When it comes to silent auctions, there is a common misconception with both auction planners and prospective bidders that there is one winner for each item. While that may be true for many items on a silent auction table, this is not the case with Winspire’s no-risk travel, entertainment and sports packages. Each of our packages has been developed so that they can be sold multiple times in a single event.

Next time you use a Winspire travel package in your silent auction, instead of putting out your standard bid sheet, you may want to consider adding a “Buy It Now” feature at the bottom of the form, allowing more than one person to win. For example, if you auction off a $1,000 Winspire package for $2,500, your organization will realize $1,500. If you were to sell that same item to three bidders using “Buy It Now” for $2,500 each, you have now tripled your profits and netted $4,500.


Your Winspire Sales Consultant can work with you to suggest an appropriate “Buy It Now” price that guarantees a good return to your organization. We can also assist you by providing a sample bid sheet and additional information about how this might work for you at your next event.

Take advantage of the multiple sale feature of Winspire items and watch your fundraising revenue soar to new heights.