Your airline tickets are booked, your hotel room is confirmed… the stressful part of your travel planning is over, right? Wrong. For most people, it is some of the smaller aspects of the trip: money conversions, language barriers, and even how much to tip, that can be a source of stress and anxiety.

If these sorts of things make you a little edgy about your upcoming travel, we invite you to consider the following “Apps”:

  1. BigTipper: Tipping in other countries is quite different than what we are used to in the USA and what to tip overseas is often confusing to most of us. By entering a few data points and clicking through a couple of screens, this app will instantly suggest what your tip should be. After an amazing meal and a couple of glasses of fine European wine, you can now rest assured that you will not commit a culinary faux pas in providing an inappropriate gratuity.
  2. XE Currency: currency exchange can be very confusing, and one wrong calculation can end up costing you a lot of money. With XE, you not have only an updated listing of over 180 different currencies, but there is a nifty calculator that will automatically calculate any particular price in US dollars.
  3. Lonely Planet Phrasebook: “Please” and “thank you” are phrases we do not say enough, especially when we travel abroad. Remarkably, it is these three simple words that can mean the difference between a good and a bad experience with waiters, shop keepers and tour guides. Want to know just the basics? The Lonely Planet Phrasebook App is for you. Alas, if you still can’t find the right word or phrase, remember that a friendly smile is universally accepted.

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